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New Products

Flag Assist

The Flag Assist is the must have item for your course, and Pelzer Golf Supplies is the only place to get them.  Maintain social distancing guidelines in the time of COVID-19 and keep your course safe!



Ball Retrieverbr

Sometimes our balls don't go where we want them to, and that is where the Universal Ball Retriever from Pride Sports comes in.

Ergonomic Sure Grip Handle makes sure you don't lose control.

The high quality aluminum alloy extends up to 12 feet with a visible orange tip to maintain sight lines.









Aspire Rangefinderrange

The Aspire Platinum S laser rangefinder uses the most advanced software technology and is fast and highly accurate. The Noise Filtration helps the rangefinder block out other objects in the surrounding environment and only focus on your target. The scan speed is unbeatable, with the distance reading showing up instantly and seamlessly. This rangefinder is IPX5 water-resistant, has the ability to turn Slope On or Slope Off, and comes in a complete package, including a premium carrying case, CR2 battery, microfiber cleaning cloth and instruction manual for easy setup!








Perfect Practice Putting Matmat

Features include a Crystal Velvet mat that simulates actual green-speed with an automatic ball return so the ball feeds right back to you. Two difficulty levels; master the small hole to make the regulation one seem easy. Printed white tracks guide your stroke path. Printed measurement markings at 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet. This is the best mat we’ve ever tested.


Now with wood trim.







Pelzer Golf Tape Kittape

Made in the USA, the Pelzer Golf Supplies tape kit will ensure quick and easy grip applications.

15 double sided tape strips are easy to use and only take a few minutes to get a complete and secure hold on all your clubs.  Comes with complete instructions for replacing old grips.






Cube Cart 3 and Qwik-Fold 3cartys

Rated the fastest two-step compact folded golf cart in the world, the CUBE's simple folding system allows it to easily reduce down in size to fit into the smallest of car trunks. Its ergonomic handle with adjustable height control features generous integrated storage space, including drink and scorecard holders, an accessory compartment; plus tee and ball holders. Other features include easy-run oversize wheels, a foot-operated parking brake, and adjustable bag supports.

The Qwik-Fold 3 is the fastest folding/unfolding golf cart in the world. With the push of a button, the cart folds. Just lift the handle and the cart is ready for use




4 in 1 repair tool4n1

This nifty switch blade repair tool does it all.  With a magnetic ball marker attached, it is sleek when you flip it open to fix your divot or remove a bottlecap.  We also have display cases for your Pro Shop.






Rule bookrules

With this handy book you will always know the latest rules to ensure a fair round.